Lot 511: Yuni Coffee Company-Catimor-JAVA-Yellow Caturra-Anaerobic Ferment Pulped Natural 511

Extended Ferment Pulped Natural - Ripe cherries are washed and then fermented with wine yeast in sealed anaerobic environment without water. After undergoing ferment, cherries are then pulped, parchment is floated to remove defective beans, and then undergoes a secondary anaerobic ferment. When fermentation is complete, parchment is then taken directly to drying beds without washing.

Lot Description

Reference Number:511
Opening Bid:$3.00/lb
Weight:110 lbs
Producer Cup Score:81.86
Varietal:Catimor, JAVA, Yellow Caturra
Process:Anaerobic Ferment Pulped Natural
Bags Size:60kg
Bag Type:Hessian/Jute with Ecotact Liner
Location:Houaphan Province, Xamtai District, Nala Village
Fermentation:Double Anaerobic w/o water
Drying Method:Raised Beds

Coffee details


Descriptive flavour words from cuppers:

Cris: Oak, walnuts, brown sugar, caramel.
Filip: Floral, nutty, milk chocolate, hints of popcorn.
Nooran: Spices, caramel, nuts, popcorn.
Raha: Sweet, fruity, sweet corn.
Reem: Chocolate, roasted nuts, popcorn, slightly corny.
Sherryl: Roasted nuts, molasses, caramel, sugar cane, salted caramel.


Farm details

Average Temperature: 19°C°C
Average Rainfall: 1,700mm

Producer Story:

After planting coffee nearly 20 years ago, farmers in the Xamtai district of Houaphan province had all but given up on their hope to sell coffee as a sustainable cash crop. Nestled in a very remote corner of northeastern Laos, villages saw season after season come and go without anyone knowing their coffee farms even existed. In 2015 however, after getting wind of some coffee farming villages in the region, Yuni Coffee Co. made some exploratory trips and found these 'forgotten coffee' farms. Since that time, Yuni Coffee Co. has established a permanent presence in the region bringing new confidence and hope to coffee farmers. New coffee crops are now being planted and coffee-growing communities are excited about what the future holds as their coffee hits the world market for the first time.

By promoting coffee cultivation for the specialty market, Yuni Coffee Co. strives to create sustainable income opportunities for farmers in rural areas through providing training, support, and market opportunities. In this way, families may thrive together by staying in their home village without the necessity of seeking urban employment. “Yuni” means ‘here’ in the Lao language, and we value healthy community growth and development for ALL members. Together, we are ‘here’ for good.

Contact Name: Stephen Patton

Email: sales@yunicoffeeco.com

Mobile: +8562091549170

Website: www.yunicoffeeco.com

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