Lot 711-B: Vanmai Coffee Cooperative-Catimor-Washed 711-B


Lot Description

Reference Number:711-B
Opening Bid:$3.00/lb
Weight:661.5 lbs
Producer Cup Score:83.58
Altitude:Low altitude 750m, High altitude 1,150m
Bags Size:60 kg
Bag Type:Jute Bag
Location:Houaphanh Province
Producer:Van Mai Coffee Coop
Fermentation:Low attitude 16hrs, high attitude 18hrs
Drying Method:11-12%
Processing System:Wet mill and dry mill

Coffee details


Descriptive flavour words from cuppers:

Cris: Floral, chamomile, honey, oats, tea-like.

Filip: Black tea, sweet.
Nooran: Nuts, citrus, cloves, herbs.
Raha: Vegetable, hazelnuts, nutty.
Reem: Chocolate, almond, caramel, lemon, roasted nuts.
Sherryl: Roasted nuts, dates, green apple.

Farm details

Producer Name: 12 Villages, 4 districts. Vanmai’s members produced by themselves
Altitude Range: low altitude 750m, high altitude 1,150m.
Average Temperature: Low temperature 15.2°C - High temperature 25.59°C°C
Average Rainfall: (≥ 1.0 mm) , 173.47 days (47.53%)

Producer Story:

Contact Name: Mr Tee Yang Bliakeng

Email: tee.yang@vanmaicoffee.com / erlend-audunson.falch@un.org

Website: www.vanmaicoffee.com

Mobile: +856 20 56 771 330 / +856 20 55 518 788


About us:

We are 386 families, 12 Villages, 4 Districts (Xone, Xamneau, Xamtai, Kouan), Houaphanh Province in the northern uplands of Lao PDR. We all come from remote villages with a long history of opium cultivation, war and poverty. Like our parents before us, we have seen that it is difficult for each of us to create a better future when working alone. This is why we have decided to work together to establish Vanmai coffee, the first fairtrade-certified Coffee cooperative in northern in Lao PDR.

Vanmai means new day in the Lao language, and we hope that by working together we will be strong enough to give our children a brighter future than our parents got.

In the past, we have mostly grown maize and rice in addition to opium. However, these crops do not give a good income, and we are forced to sell our products for low prices to traders who come to our villages. We do not know where our products end up and we cannot negotiate prices. Because opium is so widespread, many of us also have family members and friends who are struggling with addiction.

Vanmai coffee started to plant coffee arabica catimor variety in 2016 and planted coffee in 400 hectares. The coffee sold in this auction grows within 900 – 1,150m. Thanks to the dedication of our families, in 2022, our washed arabica scored 3rd place at the national coffee competition.

We hope you will enjoy our coffee. Your purchase is supporting us in our quest to offer alternative livelihoods to opium farmers in Lao PDR.

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